[MPlayer-users] Re: gcc-3.0.3-2 isn't able to compile mplayer sources

Sven Hartge hartge at ds9.argh.org
Thu Jan 17 18:29:01 CET 2002

Daniel Mladek <dmladek at netbeans.com> wrote:

> Then compilation fails with 2 errors. (should be attached to this message):
> ----snip---
> make[1]: *** [libdha-0.1.so] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory
> `/DISKS/storage3/Install/Media/Video/OK/MPlayer/MPlayer-20020110/libdha'
> make: *** [libdha/libdha.so] Error 2
> ------

This error message is worthless. You don't give the reason, _why_
libdha-0.1.so is failing.

Maybe you got the configure-version w/o awk/mawk/gawk checking, which
always assumed, there is a gawk. This has nothing to do with the

If it is not the awk/mawk/gawk problem, then please be so kind and post
a little bit more info, for example the complete gcc- (or whaterver
error it was) error.


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