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Gabucino gabucino at mplayer.dev.hu
Sat Jan 12 19:58:02 CET 2002

It's the Question that drives us, Hala'szi Ga'bor :
> WARNING: libac3 support is disabled. (upgrade codecs.conf)
> Unknown sound->sound off! 
> //but codecs.conf was automatically copied by mplayer!!! :)
To /usr/local/share/mplayer, but not to ~user/.mplayer, of course.
(anyway this installing is a lame feature, for it causes problems like

> I didn't understand this codecs.conf-stuff at all, the codecs.conf file 
> belongs to the codecs installed in /usr/..., isn't it????
No, those are only win32 codecs. codecs.conf also contains data for xanim
codecs, and MPlayer's build in codecs. So it's place is with MPlayer.

> So when I recompile(or compile a newer) mplayer, I don't need to change
> my codecs.conf file at all(there should be no changes) 
You have to update it.

> I need to change my codecs.conf file, when I upgrade my codecsfiles,
> isn't it??? 
You update your "codecsfiles" when you update MPlayer. 0.60 contains
for example opensource FLI/Cinepak/MSADPCM codecs.
codecs.conf is _general_, not w32 specific !

And you have to update codecs.conf because we dropped libac3 (MPlayer's
"internal" codec) in favor of liba52.

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