[MPlayer-users] detecting lirc in configure

Horváth István suti at nuk.teteny.elte.hu
Sat Jan 12 15:51:07 CET 2002

> For people who use devfs (like me), the device is /dev/lirc/0
not needed to modify the mplayer, you should modify your devfsd!

for example in my debian it is located in: /etc/devfs

and here is my "grep lirc -r *" :
conf.d/lirc:REGISTER ^lirc/.* PERMISSIONS root.video 0660
devices:lirc            c       61      0       root    video   0666
devices.d/lirc:lircd           p       ""      ""      root    root    666
devices.d/lirc:lircm           p       ""      ""      root    root    666

after you modify these files, you should restart devfsd: update-devfsd

thats it;)

i hope this will help you

best regards

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