[MPlayer-users] Re: Why is the color wrong when I run -tv option

SMuelas smuelas at mecanica.upm.es
Thu Jan 10 15:33:02 CET 2002

> What is the version number of your libpng (rpm -q libpng)? If you have 
> libpng-1.2 and libpng-devel-1.0, I wouldn't expect anything to 
> work...the version numbers should match. Try and get matching versions....
Answer to "rpm -q libpng" is:
[smuelas at simux main]$ rpm -q libpng

so it must be another thing.
Anyway, thanks for your answer. I will look in detail because some
libpng1.2.0 must be somewhere. I will clean everything and restart.
Thanks a lot :-))
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