[MPlayer-users] Segfault in init_video_codec with OpenDivX files

Brian J. Murrell e47ef2d946ab5db272d76521e1a8b6aa at interlinx.bc.ca
Thu Jan 10 06:18:02 CET 2002

On Thu, Jan 10, 2002 at 02:16:12AM +0200, Arpi wrote:
> Hi,

Hello A'rpi.

> ok, i read it.


> i downloaded teh uploaded sample, but cannot reproduce your problem.

Grrr.  I was fearing that.

> i see some visual artifacts looks like some small riples, but they are more
> like horizontal than vertical. and they are visible with all -vo drivers,

The ones I see are definately vertical, and of the drivers I can test
here, it only seems to be a problem with vesa, Xv and SDL.

> and for me it seems it's encoded into the movie. it is not player problem
> imho.

This definately is a playback problem.  I can make it look good using
xmga, or x11.

> can you describe where can yoru problem easily noticable?

Like in the beginning, see the blurring effect in the "NBC" logo on
the bottom right, or the tagline in the red background on the bottom
left?  Those are perfectly clear when played with something other than
vesa, xv or sdl.

> and how does it look like? (maybe screenshot with arrows drawn over it by
> gimp, etc)

I wish I could do a screenshot but because this problem is with Xv
vo, I can take a screenshot but the Mplayer window comes up black (of

I think something worth noting here is that my Xvideo capable screen
is made up of an ATI RageIIC with the Gatos driver and a G400 (first
display, not the TV-enabled, no BES second display) in a Xinerama
configuration.  The Xvideo interface only addresses the first display
of the screen however.

But the vesa test I am doing is on a completely different machine with
a Radeon card in TV-out mode.


Brian J. Murrell

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