[MPlayer-users] Re: a/v sync prob

Chris Johnson da2gnu at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 9 17:43:19 CET 2002


I think I have found a little hotfix. I used latest aviplay 
(avifile.sourceforge.net) avirecompress utility.

I have to copy audio- and videostream together to a new file. This one is 
without an index, but plays well using -idx. The switches -idx / -forceidx 
do not work on the original files. To rebuild the index, I used divxFix , 
available at www.divx-digest.com, running with wine.
The resulting file runs fine :-)).

One thing I have noticed is that aviplay's fileinfo shows eg. 1349.69 secs 
of audio on the recompressed file, but 13495071.73 on the original one. I 
hope that helps.


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