[MPlayer-users] YUY2 format when using v4l

domi dombal at freemail.hu
Mon Jan 7 10:55:02 CET 2002

> card. So I checked out the tv.c source and found that YUY2 was commented
> out. I put it back in and tested. Everything was perfect!! So my humble
> question is - Why is it commented out? It does work!

hmm, i tried and uncommented it, and it really seems to work OK, colors
are correct with yuy2

with i420, colors are OK with SDL, but not with xv, which is kindof
strange (for me at least)
with sdl, it outputs SDL: Mapping I420 to IYUV, which i cannot see at xv
output. but it eats lots of cpu with sdl.

with the uncommented yuy2, it's all right with xv and sdl as well

so the question remains, why is it commented out in tv.c?


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