[MPlayer-users] DVD bloking

Chrabonszcz athin at go2.pl
Fri Jan 4 23:08:09 CET 2002

	Oki, suppose you all are fed up with my pointless complaints,
but just for you to know: I got rid of [I think so - have to take a closer 
look some time] the falling-a-part effect not by killing my Athlon TB 1.2
with 10-12 pp filters but wy kicking out the 3dnowex and mmx2 accel by
configure [seems there's sth. wrong with the opts]. I tried adding the 
-march= to even 386, but that didn't give results. Maybe it's a fault
of th 3.0.3 GCC ? Who knows [they do!!!] ? I'm all happy.... [I'm gonna
dump the MS S$t --> AGAIN!!!] 

		A many thanks to you all.

	And btw. I've got an ATI 4MB PCI g-CARD [my g-FORCE got F* up]
and my image is... jumpy .. is it the card [gatos+xv+double option]
or is it that the movie is so big 720x576, but the 2 hours take up 8 VOBs!

	ThX 4 the help etc... 



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