[MPlayer-users] DVD bloking

Chrabonszcz athin at go2.pl
Wed Jan 2 17:22:02 CET 2002

> Hmmm, I've never seen such a problem. Maybe it's a compiler issue?
> Or some own optimizations you've forced through CFLAGS? What type (and
> version) of compiler are you using?
> - Gabor

I'm using gcc 3.0.3 [linux 2.4.17] AND, to be true this dissapears, when
I use -pp 0x20008 not -npp de/fast whatever [sorry for not checking against this!]
	OH ! I've got an athlon 1.2 [also tested on a K6-2 200 MHz - same
problem occurs when using -npp [but... well.. I don't want to repeat
the whole encoding seqence [playback of DVD is, of course ImpossibE
under those conditions - ya'know 200 MHz, 32 MB RAM etc .] 

	So posibly some sort of wierd bug in th posproc (?!?!?),
I could try do downgrade to 2.95-3, If I doo --> you'l be the first ones to know,
BUT this also occurs on ALL dvd player using libmpeg2 [and on libmpeg2]
so, either the stream is f***d up, DVD scratched, DVD-drive f***d up
[WinShiT also has this problem... probably errors in the co-dec [I do get
some CRC errors, somewhere in the middle of the movie], but it works OKi now..



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