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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Fri Jan 4 13:52:01 CET 2002


> > Planned code by me for mplayer:
> > - finish DVB support (and finish libmp1e cleanup, as Holm is too slow doing it)
> > - design new codec interface and move codecs to libmpcodecs
> > - maybe: some more work on quicktime codec DLL support
> > - maybe: some mencoder improvements, 3-pass coding, editing.
> > 
> Indeed mplayer covers now almost all types of media files.
> And it should be enough for almost all needs.
> As for me - I'm successful with it already a long ago.
> But, I didn't find in your todo libvo2!
It's because I don't have time for it. There is an almost complete draft at
DOCS/tech. Ivan and David Holm promised some work on it.

> I guess that we can really speedup mplayer when we'll implement something like:
> while(frame_count) read(dvd_handle,&video_memory[current_frame], frame_size);

I know it well. I really want to see it in cvs, but it's too big work for
me. Few weeks ago I had some thoughts about extending and slowly
transforming current libvo, instead of something new. Maybe such action
could be done faster and easier.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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