[MPlayer-users] calculating best divxopts for mencoder

Marcel Hild hild at b4mad.net
Fri Jan 4 10:51:02 CET 2002

 yes, i asked this already on the dev list, maybe it was the wrong
 place, maybe some users can give me some hints...

 i recorded quite a lot from tv to divx. of course this was done with
 a fixed rate of 1000, min/max_quant=8 and other params.
 now it came to my mind, that i could re-encode the files to other
 settings, improving the compression ratio without affecting the
 visual quality. that could be done somehow by analyzing the
 divx2pass.log. my first quick search on the net gave those urls:


 do you know of any tools for linux, or e.g. perl scripts that
 do the job? or is it completley stupid to rencode the files,
 because that would affect quality anyway to a point that it
 worth the size that is saved?

thanks for any thougts....


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