[MPlayer-users] Why is the color wrong when I run -tv option

SMuelas smuelas at mecanica.upm.es
Wed Jan 2 15:40:02 CET 2002

It's the Question that drives me, Gabucino:
You say in your "man" page for mencoder that to encode a series of vob's
files, one can do:  cat *.vob | mencoder -options
With my very poor knowledge, I am not able to arrive at anything trough
that. Why? where? what? ...etc. must I do to encode several vobs
obtaining just only one AVI? Or, can I paste together several AVIS to
obtain just one?
Happy new year to all of you, (including yourself)  :-)
Santiago Muelas (Depto. de Mecánica)         
ETSI de Caminos, Canales y Puertos (U.P.M)    smuelas at mecanica.upm.es
Dr.Aranguren s/n - Ciudad Universitaria       Tf. 91 336 6659
MADRID 28040

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