[MPlayer-users] happy new year and a question for the creators..

phoen][x eqc_phoenix at gmx.de
Tue Jan 1 14:24:47 CET 2002

well, relax. i dont want to bugreport anything AND i read
the F****** manual. i do not have any problems with mplayer
but i wanted to ask, how u develop it. (in fact, i wanna 
learn c myselft thats the reason for this mail) do u use
some kinda IDE or what? and if u do, which one? i'm looking
for a nice one, but i cant find any free environment..

look, i have to learn java at school and i like the object-
oriented stuff (Class.Method() and so on). i wrote some
HelloWorld with Kdevelop (argh kde) but i miss the intellisense
feature (i want to know which methods & properties belong to
my object)..

do u have a nice ID(E) for me? :)

thx in advance, and yeah i know this aint the right place to ask
this question, but i cant find an answer anywhere :(


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