[MPlayer-users] Preserve interlacing; prevent tearing on TV-out?

Neologism Neologism at POBox.COM
Tue Oct 30 03:57:36 CET 2001

On 28 Oct 2001, Dan Hollis wrote:
> I don't like mpeg4 -- there is too much temporal filtering by the Divx4
> encoders for my preferences, and there are lots of nasty artifacts. Maybe
> they will get better in the future, but right now they suck...

> The difference between television-output of Divx4 through TV-out card, and
> television-output of mpeg2 through hollywood plus, is night and day... one
> is gorgeous and the other is not. And the gorgeous one is not the Divx4 ;)

Okay, you've won me over.  Quality matters to me, and I value your
opinion.  I'm going to encode in MPEG2 and order a Hollywood Plus. 
Someone released a Windows program called DivxPlus (without source,
unfortunately) which appears to utilize the card's frame buffer in an
undocumented way, allowing playback of any video type (not just MPEG)
through the TV-out.  Perhaps someday someone will release a similar
program for Linux.

My project is simply to create a PVR/video server from scratch using
Linux, but I think I've got a greater desire for quality than that
presumed by the existing guides on how to do such a thing.  I'll be sure
to document my experiences (and send them to this list) once I've
finished so that others may benefit.

Thank you for your advice, Dan.


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