[MPlayer-users] Yes, yes, I'm back... now let's get back to work

Christoph Lampert gruel at web.de
Mon Oct 29 17:11:48 CET 2001

>Thus spake Arpi (arpi at thot.banki.hu):
>> hehe. if you're back, what about telling us about your 2-pass divx4
>> encoder in transcode?

There's not much to tell. It's not "mine", it's the Sparky's source from OpenDivX/DivX4Windows, just adapted to fit transcode. "My" version (much faster when used with XviD (see www.videocoding.de)) is still very  experimental, but I'll work on it. 

> Well, I recently encoded the Snatch DVD 2-pass to divx4 with transcode.

Too bad, I have that one already. 

>Please don't do that.  Please allow people like me to encode audio
>separately.  A working AVI de/multiplexer would be a good thing to have,
>for example.

Very true. An "Mplayer" import-module for transcode perhaps, so transcode could use all the formats that great MPlayer understands. 

>I don't think it's wise to duplicate effort.  Why not optimize
>transcode, it has already progressed quite far.  And it could use a
>little more optimization ;)

It needs a GUI (or I need a larger screen for the long command line). I'm working on both... 


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