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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Mon Oct 29 15:46:31 CET 2001


> Actually I was busy throwing away 100+ MPlayer-Mails per day, so I could write any myself.
> But now it's my turn again: 
> Are there plans for integration of Luminosity/Saturation/etc changes for DivX4? 

afaik it's supported, adam tla/ka patched dec_video.c for it.
but you need the latest divx4linux and have to recompile mplayer.

> And what about DVD-Menus? Ogle handles them quite well, now. How about "borrowing" code from them?
i have no time for it. and it requires single-frame mpeg decoding which not
supported (problem with double/triple buffering) yet.

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