[MPlayer-Users] ffmpeg/libavcodec

Draky Void draky at iate.obninsk.ru
Tue Oct 23 23:49:08 CEST 2001

		morn there!

	Damn, got tired reading this. Why can't ppl understand that:
1) gcc2.96 _is_ buggy. It is not MPlayer devel team fault.
2) latest version of gcc2.96 _sometimes_can_ compile MPlayer, but only 
latest, not every!

	I think it would be better to set a filter on mailman to avoid stupid 
messages with gcc2.96 in body. Or just to keep ignoring these messages. If 
ppl who ask such questions can't read "DO NOT SEND BUGREPORTS OR COMPLAIN, 
it's *YOUR* fault!", they surely won't be able to read answers on their 

	Draky J. Void.

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