[MPlayer-users] QT Cinepak Decoding

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue Oct 23 17:25:45 CEST 2001


> > I know nothing about cvid details. and i won't do reverse engineering myself.
> 	If someone else did, however, and could provide the details...?

> > > format, do you think you could write an open source implementation? How
> > > about other formats, such as Sorenson video and QDesign audio?
> > hehe :)
> > you're dreaming...
> 	Be that as it may, does the infrastructure exist in MPlayer to
> drop in arbitrary open source implementations of various codecs? Or is it
of course. mplayer currently has a lots of native codec inside, including
libmpeg2, ffmpeg's libavcodec, various audio codecs (alaw,gsm,adpcm etc).

you only have to call your codec from dec_audio.c or dec_video.c.
the only thing you have to implement is init and decode frame functions,
and optinally sync and skip frame for seeking. it's very easy.

but if you provide me a working codec with any API, i'll add it to mplayer.

the preferred output of video codecs is YV12 planes (provide 3 char* pointer
to Y,U,V planes and bytes_per_line values of the 3 planes) and 16-bit
mono/stereo of audio codecs, but any other formats are accepted.

> hardwired to only use binary codecs? A lot of the Linux media players fall
> over in that area.
binary codecs is only an option. btw it's a wide option, includes
vfw,acm,dshow win32 and xanim codecs, but support for quicktime4win dlls and
openquicktime codec plugins is planned.

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