[MPlayer-users] wrong audio chanell and subtitles on DVD

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Oct 18 18:51:44 CEST 2001


> On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, Arpi wrote:
> > but it's wrong, should be:
> > 	-aid id
> >               select audio channel [MPG: 0-31 VOB: 128- AVI: 1-99 ASF: 0-127]
> >
> > before you ask why is vob audio counted from 128 - ask mpeg group.
> >
>  I think a user shouldn't care about the mpeg group or what happens in the
> dvd-divx-mpeg-avi-whatever. It would be nice if you provided a selection
> for the language, independent from the actual file format.
>  And a little patch for that (in pseydo C language):
> switch( typeof(file) ) {
> 	case MPG:
> 		aid += -1;
> 		if( aid<0 || aid>31)
> 			print_a_message_and_exit();
> 		break;
> 	case VOB:
> 		aid += 127;
> 		if( aid<128 )
> 			print_a_message_and_exit();
> 		break;

it won't work.
at least vob and mpeg is the same file format. i've seen mpeg2 files (aka
vob) having mpeg audio sterams (counted from 0) and ac3 sterams (counted
from 128). so, how to select between them?

i won't change this.
mplayer prints (at elast with -v) the ID of streams found, user shoudl try

maybe, for real dvd, i'll add support for specify aud by language id, like
-alang hu, as .ifo file contains the mapping from language to aid.
btw a few dvd has multiple audio sterams for the same language, one with
film makers' comments etc. how to select those?

> > if you rtfm (rtf messages) of mplayer, it prints what audio channels it
> > found. you can select your one and specify -aid
>  Didn't find that info in the messages.

run mplayer with -v

==> Found video stream: 0
==> Found audio stream: 128
==> Found audio stream: 129

> > you should once really RTFM before say docs is sux!
> >
>  The problem with the docs is their SIZE. They cover all the things anyone
> would ask but it's hard to find the info you are looking for in them. I
> have stoped reading them and just grepping when I need info. Ok, I'm not
> allways succesfull at finding the info but don't kill me for that.
i don't kill you (just keep on blacklist hehe:), but if you know it's your
fault, why do you say it's our???

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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