[MPlayer-users] wrong audio chanell and subtitles on DVD playback

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Oct 18 13:10:21 CEST 2001


> > > dvd subtitles not yet supported (also RTFM)
> >
> >  Man page says that this is an experimental feauture. It doesn't work for
> > me and I send you a bug report. Don't you like bug reports? I'm just
> > trying to help you (actually myself).
> form cd-dvd.html:
> Q: What about subtitles? Can MPlayer decode them?
> A: Yes it can (or at least it would be able to) but there is no DVD subtitle 
> displaying functionality inside MPlayer (DVD subs are stored as images, not 
> text!). However it's a planned feature (at the time of libvo2).
> The only thing the manpage tells about DVD subtitles is the -sid option, 
> which should not be in the manpage as it's a development switch currently 
it's at alpha/development section of manpage.

> (Gabucino: remove it please from the manpage until implemented).
it's impelmented on demuxer side. it's readed and parsed, but it needs
libvo2 to be displayed.
btw a note should be added saying its' not too usefull yet.

> >  Why don't you put RTFM in the lines that the mailing list software
> > appends at the end of each message? Seems that RTFM is a constant answer
> > and as such there is no point in giving it.
> good idea, then I wouldn't have to reply to 
> users-that-don't-read-the-fucking-manual myself, they just would have to read 
> the footer of their own mails to get the idea.
hehe :)

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