[MPlayer-users] wrong audio chanell and subtitles on DVD playback

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Oct 18 12:40:29 CEST 2001


> On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, Felix Buenemann wrote:
> > On Thursday, 18. October 2001 03:56, Steve Stavropoulos wrote:
> > >
> > >  When I try to play a dvd whose default language is english I get some
> > > other language with mplayer. For example in Sweet November dvd I got
> > > Italics. Is there a way to tell mplayer the audio language to choose?
> > >
> > RTFM (-aid)
> >
>  This option IS NOT mentioned in the man page. I think it should. I

       -aid id
              select audio channel [MPG: 0-31  AVI: 1-99]

it actually is.
but it's wrong, should be:
	-aid id
              select audio channel [MPG: 0-31 VOB: 128- AVI: 1-99 ASF: 0-127]

before you ask why is vob audio counted from 128 - ask mpeg group.

      // AID:
      // 0x20..0x3F  subtitle
      // 0x80..0x9F  AC3 audio
      // 0xA0..0xBF  PCM audio

note: 0-0x1f is mpeg audio.

> assumed that there might be an -aid option since there is an -sid option
> and so I tried with -aid and no sound was the result. (I have posted more
> info on this)
if you rtfm (rtf messages) of mplayer, it prints what audio channels it
found. you can select your one and specify -aid
for DVD it's usually number in range 128-159, for DVB it's 0-31, for some
other mpeg2 data with pcm audio it can be 160-191

> > >  When I try to tell mplayer to use a subtitle from the dvd it doesn't. I
> > > give for examle -sid 1 and the movie plays normally but without subtitles.
> > >
> > dvd subtitles not yet supported (also RTFM)
> >
>  Man page says that this is an experimental feauture. It doesn't work for
> me and I send you a bug report. Don't you like bug reports? I'm just
> trying to help you (actually myself).

according to the manpage, it says:

       NOTE   These  are  included  in this manpage just for com-
              pleteness! If you don't know what  are  these,  you
              DON'T  need these! In either case, double-check the
              documentation !

       -sid   specify DVD subtitle (?)

Btw it actually works, nobody wrote that it will *display* dvd subtitle.
You can specify subtitle with -sid, it will demux it but no display
code yet.

Ah, and the dvd faq (docs/cd-dvd.html) says:

   Q: What about subtitles? Can MPlayer decode them?
   A: Yes it can (or at least it would be able to) but there is no DVD
   subtitle displaying functionality inside MPlayer (DVD subs are stored
   as images, not text!). However it's a planned feature (at the time of

>  Why don't you put RTFM in the lines that the mailing list software
> appends at the end of each message? Seems that RTFM is a constant answer
> and as such there is no point in giving it.

you should once really RTFM before say docs is sux!

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