[MPlayer-users] FBDev Bugs. Might want to look into this. (Plain Text Fix)

Chris Goffinet agent_cryptonic at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 12 20:49:07 CEST 2001


Has anyone ever told you have the worst fucking people skills in the world?
First off not knowing how to configure your mail client properly doesnt mean
you cant create software you fucking moron. So I accidently found out this
stupid piece of shit software mailing list doesnt strip out HTML tags from
messages which it should, and we all know by default Hotmail has HTML
support turned on. It was just a simple mistake and you create the biggest
deal out of everything.

1) Read the fucking manual? I have the damn manual up right now and see no
where it says about the FBDev printing out A-V sync messages upon
initilization of playing the movie. Only occur's when initilizing the fbdev
driver! Look at the mplayer.c code where it has the if (!quiet) statement

2) clear; mplayer -vo fbdev fnord.avi ? Im sorry but thats the saddess thing
Ive ever seen. If you are programmer, learn how to program first before
telling someone to just do a stupid 'clear' statement. Because of course you
have no idea what I am talking about because it clears the screen then runs
the program which is practically no way affliated with the bug I reported
because it doesnt happen until the program is loaded!

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