[MPlayer-users] FBDev Bugs. Might want to look into this. (Plain Text Fix)

Felix von Leitner felix-mplayer at fefe.de
Fri Oct 12 20:24:35 CEST 2001

Thus spake Chris Goffinet (agent_cryptonic at hotmail.com):

> ==Sorry didnt notice it was formated...==

> Hello,
> I am working on my own Divx Player that will be based off Mplayer's program.

Look, if you can't even configure your mail reader properly, you should
not be writing software.  Really.

> 1) When using fbdev without in X11, the A-V sync code prints out a constant
> flow of A-V sync and CPU load.

Read the fucking manual.

> 2) Using fbdev above 800x600 mode and having a movie bigger than 640x480
> works fine, only problem with this is the fact that somehow its not clearing
> the buffer beh! ind it, which means the movie loads, but u can see text that
> was outputted from Mplayer behind it, not something we want now is it ? :)

  $ clear; mplayer -vo fbdev fnord.avi

PS: I would have sent this email to Chris, but some utter moron
configure the mailing list software to set reply-to to the list, so all
the dumb private emails will end on the list.  I think this is about the
dumbest thing one can do with a mailing list, but who am I to argue with
the guy who did this...  I can see a LOT of avoidable email (especially
flame wars) wasting bandwidth now.  Really, who ever did this should
slap his hand against a brick wall and change it back.

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