[MPlayer-users] QT/MOV support

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Oct 11 12:06:24 CEST 2001


> > > Could this be the sorenson stuff??!?!  I've often wondered if using
> > > windows .dll's this could be achieved!
> >
> > No, there is no Sorenson DLL at all. This is why even microsoft media
> > player can't play sorenson movs.
> well this *might* be correct for Sorenson V2, but Sorenson V3 (the current 
> version) is obtained using QuickTimes AutoUpdate feature (like VP3 codec, 
> too), so this one must be available as a dll and to get the api one only 
> needs to look at vp3 sourcecode or the specs should also be available 
> somewhere from apple.
hmm. this with vp3 source is a very good idea. now i need quicktime plugins

> > The only way to play sorenson mov undre mac/win is using their quicktime
> > player program, which doesn't uses codec dlls, everything is built-in.
> see above quicktime also supports codec dlls, see sorenson v3, vp3, 3divx, 
> whatever. I'm not even sure sorenson v2 is builtin into quicktime binary, 
> someone really checked this?
i didn't. 

> > If we ever support sorenson, it will be rewritten from scratch, similar way
> > to ffdivx.
> hmm maybe we don't need if we expand win32 loader to support quicktime codecs.
yes. if it is possible. don't forget, the hard part of vfw/dshow loader is
the win32 emulation and the API interface. and they propably must be changed
for qt support.

> Btw. IMHO sorenson uses motion wavelets for compression and not h263 (which 
> is more like mpeg4), but I might be mistaken.
Someone (you know who) checked sorenson coded content and he said it's
h263 based. Btw, wavelets are very slow, they couldn't run realtime on slow
macs. Afaik, sorenson even much faster than divx, so h263 is possible (it's
faster than mpeg4, see old asf and vivo videos - they are h263 too)

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