[MPlayer-users] rant

Guillaume Serre guillaume.serre at ac-clermont.fr
Mon Oct 8 16:19:42 CEST 2001

gcc 2.96 builds a working executable on my Mandrake 8.1. My computer is an 
IBM laptop (Thinkpad A21e) with ATI-rage display and I use Alsa for sound 
(intel8x0 driver).
Redhat says that 2.96 has no problem with MMX at all (at least no more than 
2.95). Mandrake has nothing about an eventual bug in their gcc as well. And 
google only reports about MPlayer and avifile.
My whole operating system is built with gcc 2.96 (kde, x, drivers, kernel) 
and works great. So I can only recommend Mandrake users to try to compile it 
before upgrading or downgrading their compiler, it might just work.... (AND 
DO NOT REPORT BUG REPORTS, even if it actually works with your shitty 

What the FSF says about gcc 2.96:

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