[OLD-Mplayer-users] Re: Re: [Mplayer-users] Subtitles - iconv implemented

lanzz at lanzz.org lanzz at lanzz.org
Thu Oct 11 16:33:21 CEST 2001

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Adam Tla/lka wrote:

>  I added iconv(3) function usage to subreader.c .
>  configure now autodetects presence of iconv but doesn't know if it works
>  properly. You can use -subcp option now.
>  I tested it with Debian 2.2 and RedHat 6.2 and it worked ok
>  for 'cp1250' and 'latin2' (the last means iso-8859-2) codepages.
>  So please try it with your files and update man page (to Gabucino) .

how do you do the conversion? you need to specify both the codepage for
the file and the codepage for the font, not only one cp.

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