[Mplayer-users] SMP?

Kees Cook kees at outflux.net
Mon Oct 8 00:12:28 CEST 2001

On Sun, Oct 07, 2001 at 06:16:19PM +0200, Dariusz Pietrzak wrote:
> > Can (and will) MPlayer support SMP?  I've noticed that it is a single
> kind of, there are going to be few threads, but that's not going to
> actually use SMP power - main decoding thread stays on one processor, so
> there will be no signifficant gain.

Hm... I get the feeling that my box is ALMOST fast enough, so anything 
else getting shoved off onto another CPU could be enough.

> > process now, and doesn't spread itself around.  :)  What would be needed
> > to support SMP, or, what stops MPlayer from being able to use SMP?
> IIRC it was lack of hardware ( can you donate some SMP machines? ), time,
> and lack of interest - SMP machines are mainly servers or high-end
> worksations thus either don't need mplayer or are powerfull enough to cope
> with playing video with one CPU.

That's true of my OTHER smp machine, but there isn't any Mach64 DRI yet.  
My current desktop is a PII 400 SMP, so it can play everything fine except 
for full-sized DivX (720x480 will "drop frames" during lots of motion).

I'd be happy to help test (or code) any SMP changes.

> Hmm, it would be neat if say, post-processing could be done on second CPU,
>  btw, when search is active check Playstation2 port discussion.

I'll keep an eye open.  Thanks!

Kees Cook                                            @outflux.net

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