[Mplayer-users] Linux Video is getting pretty cool!

Stephen Davies steve at daviesfam.org
Sun Oct 7 18:52:16 CEST 2001

Hi all,

I added a second Hauppauge video capture card to my system.  I was playing
around last night, and discovered that I could capture from both cards at
the same time with mp1e (352x288 2.4Mb mpeg1 streams), whilst ALSO playing
back those two streams using mplayer.  (One -vo xv, the other -vo x11).  
My system still had CPU to spare, and the video and audio seemed solid.

The system is a Athlon 1.13GHz, 133MHz memory bus, Voodoo3 card.

I reckon that's something like 2x40Mb/s (352x288x16bitsx25frames/sec?)  
streams coming off the capture cards, another 40Mb stream going to the xv
driver, plus 60Mb for the -vo x11 one - that's 180Mb/s of video data -
22megabytes/sec.  That doesn't include the data going to disk, either.

I don't think it could be done with 720x576 video - too many bits flying
around.  (I'll try it sometime).  But with good quality composite video
input the 352x288 gives a surprisingly good picture...

I'm impressed!


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