[MPlayer-users] Trouble with MS-Mpeg4 v3 [DivX ;-)] with MP43 fourcc code andodivx/divx4 codec

Chris Goffinet demitree at starband.net
Thu Nov 1 02:20:50 CET 2001

On a short note,

I believe in the manual it states do not use 3.0x or 2.96x (by redhat) ;o)
Some Assembly errors, so if you want to compile that libavcodec, use 2.95


> System:
> gcc-3.0.2
> (btw, it still can't compile the libavcodec on this cpu. i586
> optimization is fine though. Everything else compiles and plays just
> fine.)
> K6-2 450Mhz
> MPlayer-20011031

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