[MPlayer-users] Trouble with MS-Mpeg4 v3 [DivX ;-)] with MP43 fourcc code and odivx/divx4 codec

Alexander Werth (gmx) alexander.werth at gmx.de
Thu Nov 1 00:25:45 CET 2001

I have an avi file that contains DivX ;-) video data. But the fourcc
states MP43 instead of DIV3. I want to use the odivx or divx4 codec. If
I change that it plays just fine otherwise the screen remains black.
(grey/green with other videosinks) I'm using the codec.conf from the
latest cvs. Any thoughts? Maybe an easy modification to codec.conf? I
think the fourcc code MP43 is used by mistake for this video and should
really be DIV3. Will there be any problems with other programms if I
just hexedit the fourcc in the header?
Alexander Werth

(btw, it still can't compile the libavcodec on this cpu. i586
optimization is fine though. Everything else compiles and plays just
K6-2 450Mhz

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