[Mplayer-users] recording tool?

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Mon May 28 22:45:17 CEST 2001


> I wanted to pickup on capturing video again.  I saw this thread from a
> week or two ago.
> I've been trying some capture programs - and ffmpeg and NuppelVideo are
> the two that seem to be the best (most promising) candidates for me,
> anyway.

I've seen screenshots of video compressed with mp1e, and it was very nice.
Much better than same scene with ffmpeg.

> > > I hope there will be standard tool for capture in mplayer, which can record in
> > > any format,
> > yes, this is why i like ffmpeg. it already support writting to avi, asf, rm,
> > mpeg etc, and even streaming them over http if you want.
> > and it has some very good realtime encoder for various mpeg variants,
> > including realtime opendivx encoder (yes, worse quality then 'encore',
> > but it's for recording only, you can grab at higher bitrate (1600 kbit
> > is usually ok for vhs quality) and later you can recompress it).
> It is efficient, it produces standard files.  Various formats.  Very
> nice.
> The problem is that at the moment AV sync is pretty inconsistent - caused
> by dropped frames; so the resulting files are often badly out of sync if
> you have the odd burst of other load taking the cpu.
I couldn't get it producing audio, maybe problem wiht sound drivers
(sblive/oss) or mixer.

> There is a new version apparently coming ("end of March").  And
> audio/video sync is to be fixed - so perhaps that version will solve the
> problem.
unfortunatelly this project seems to be dead :(
i send a mail to Gerard (author) 2 weeks ago, but no answer yet.
even no new (pre)releases from march.

> > > too bad in performance, mp1e and fame looks dead, the only promising
> > > application is NuppelVideo...
> > hmm. i've never heard about that nuppel... thing.
> NuppelVideo is the other app that looks good.  Its kind of the opposite -
> sold sync, but non-standard (large) files.  It is possible to convert them
> afterwards into divx or mpeg1/2 files - but who needs a separate step
> before passing them to mplayer...
> The NuppelVideo format is "RTjpeg" - something in the style of MJPEG.
> There is a documented API for compressing and decompressing to this
> format.
Ehh. The it's usefull only for middle stage between capturing and final
compression. Is it realtime?

> Is there any interest in adding support for this format to mplayer?
Yes, why not. Can you add it?

> Are there other V4L capture tools that I should investigate?
mp1e ?

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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