[Mplayer-users] recording tool?

Stephen Davies steve at daviesfam.org
Mon May 28 22:24:51 CEST 2001


I wanted to pickup on capturing video again.  I saw this thread from a
week or two ago.

I've been trying some capture programs - and ffmpeg and NuppelVideo are
the two that seem to be the best (most promising) candidates for me,

On Tue, 15 May 2001, Arpi wrote:

> > On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 03:04:06PM +0200, Arpi wrote:
> > > check ffmpeg.
> > > it's planned to be integrated in the (near?) future.
> > 
> > I hope there will be standard tool for capture in mplayer, which can record in
> > any format,
> yes, this is why i like ffmpeg. it already support writting to avi, asf, rm,
> mpeg etc, and even streaming them over http if you want.
> and it has some very good realtime encoder for various mpeg variants,
> including realtime opendivx encoder (yes, worse quality then 'encore',
> but it's for recording only, you can grab at higher bitrate (1600 kbit
> is usually ok for vhs quality) and later you can recompress it).

It is efficient, it produces standard files.  Various formats.  Very

The problem is that at the moment AV sync is pretty inconsistent - caused
by dropped frames; so the resulting files are often badly out of sync if
you have the odd burst of other load taking the cpu.

There is a new version apparently coming ("end of March").  And
audio/video sync is to be fixed - so perhaps that version will solve the

> > too bad in performance, mp1e and fame looks dead, the only promising
> > application is NuppelVideo...
> hmm. i've never heard about that nuppel... thing.

NuppelVideo is the other app that looks good.  Its kind of the opposite -
sold sync, but non-standard (large) files.  It is possible to convert them
afterwards into divx or mpeg1/2 files - but who needs a separate step
before passing them to mplayer...

The NuppelVideo format is "RTjpeg" - something in the style of MJPEG.
There is a documented API for compressing and decompressing to this

Is there any interest in adding support for this format to mplayer?

Are there other V4L capture tools that I should investigate?


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