[Mplayer-users] Audio code & vortex

havner alien at staszic.waw.pl
Sun May 27 00:17:09 CEST 2001

> Sorrry, I can't help. Unfortunatelly you can't understand that if other
> players work (i think you tried audio-only players) it doens't mean that

No video players also. Like I said before f.e. XINE.

> mplayer can work too.
> MPlayer has hard code to handle various audio buffering (read
> DOCS/tech-eng.txt) so working, correct driver needed.
> As linux has 10ms (100Hz) scheduling timer, it is NOT possible to decode
> audio fast enough for your very small buffer.
> I really can't (and so won't) help with this.
> I think that your only chance is asking oss/free driver guys to increase
> buffer size in the driver.

It's imposible, because part of this driver is not opensourse. Aureal(RIP)
compiled some part of the code and they don't have the source, and audio
buffer size is compiled in it :-(


alien at boss.staszic.waw.pl
havner at wp.pl

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