[Mplayer-users] Audio code & vortex

havner alien at staszic.waw.pl
Sat May 26 19:36:01 CEST 2001

I've managed to compile mplayer with XMMP (but with old 0.5.1, newest CVS
refused to compile due to some asembler complications). I had to disable
directshow (i don't know why, it didn't want to compile with it. I can send
you gcc output if you want). mplayer works, but it plays one frame per
second. Sound behavious like in old mplayer's sound code - doesn't desync,
just jumps, it's jerky. It seems that XMMP OSS output uses select() :-(.
Aureal doesn't support select(). Has anybody have some ideas?

alien at boss.staszic.waw.pl
havner at wp.pl

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