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Gabucino gabucino at k2.jozsef.kando.hu
Tue May 15 18:24:47 CEST 2001

It's the Question that drives us, Dariusz Pietrzak :
> > /* Sorry there'll be a lot of RTFM here, people with weak neural systems
> >    should quit */
> I've got quite solid neural system. so..
I know, from our previous talks :)

> > > Where should I post bugreports
> If you have read my mail that you would notice that it's a bugreport on
> current bugreport system. 
True, but I like to clear things up.

> > > so that I would know about what happens
> > Every bugreport is read, and (if not just a simple RTFM;) answered.
> Well, what about my bugreport about DOCS/DEBIAN documentation?
DEBIAN stuff isn't supported by the main team (RTFM somewhere), Telenieko
maintains it but he seems to be inactive, so is the DOCS/Spanish outdated.

> > > someone's working on it, marked as known and left for feature
> Not ergonomic way of communication.
> also - I've got not DOCS/BUGS DOCS/TODO file in my quite fresh cvs copy,
Don't know why.

> also - it requires everyone to download latest CVS to check what's the
> current status, and not everyone uses cvs or even have access to such
> soft. And that's not what cvs is for.
CVS snapshots are their friend.

> And there is now way to acces this file via say http.

> > > Maybe using some bugtracking system would be nice?
> > Dunno, but methinks not.
> Based on...?
Based on I don't care :)
And this system works well, IMHO.

> > > k6 as k5 - ( pmodel=`cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "model$TAB" seems to fail ).
> > RTFM DOCS/BUGREPORTS line 19 ... we need your /proc/cpuinfo, not?
> That's what I'm offering. 
So where is it? :)

> > > When I send something to mplayer-users it gets randomly ignored
> > Never.
> Sometimes.
> That's why I'm proposing using some ticketing system, sourceforge
> offers such functionality.
> That way anyone knows IF their report was lost in transport or maybe
> reached it's destination but got marked as RTFM.
But then we still have the chance to ignore them. :) So it's no simpler
way, but on the contrary.

And then what talk would go on this list?

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