[Mplayer-users] Hey... buggy install? Full Screen?

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue May 1 21:04:42 CEST 2001


> On Dienstag,  1. Mai 2001 02:54 you wrote:
> > I've hit the motherload!!! This player ROCKS... I've tried them all and
> > this one definitely gets MY vote!
> > Couple of questions though... I did the install "properly" I think...
> > ../configure --prefix=/usr make make install...etc.. and it seems the
> > make install "forgot" to copy some config files. Namely mplayer.config
> After install a mplayer config is created under $HOME/.mplayer/config but you 
> are free to create /etc/mplayer.conf as a system wide configuration for all 
> users.

> > (which I still have not found) and ~/.mplayer/codecs.config ... hmmm I
> > fixed that ( Just a note though.. )
> It's only under DOCS not installed, I alway though Arpi had a special reason 
> not to copy it, maybe not... :)
You mean example.conf in DOCS. It's a sample config file made by Gabucino,
and it contains his settings and other things not usefull for users. MPlayer
does NOT require /etc/mplayer.conf, as you said above, it's just an option.

> > Another question... how do I get teh player into full screen ( onto the
> > root window? ) no borders etc... THANX
> That depends much on the output driver used, if you are using xv (-vo xv) you 
> may use the -fs switch, for x11 with installed X modeswitching extension 
> (XF86VM) you may use -vo x11 -vm otherwise use -vo x11 -fs, if you use SDL 
> driver you can use -vm -zoom -fs switches with different behaviour (-fs 
> fullscreen with scaling, no modechange; -vm modeswithcing without scaling; 
> -zoom modeswitching with scaling) for the sdl driver of you choice (-sdl 
> <drivername>) or simply startup with sdl out and use F key to switch to 
> fullscreen and C to cycle between available fullscreenmodes. (this info can 
> also be found in DOCS/SDL)

All of these info can be found at DOCS/ ...
In other words: RTFM

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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