[Mplayer-users] postprocess + fullscreen problems

Kovacs Bela bago at index.hu
Sat Jun 30 22:54:33 CEST 2001

>> 2. I can't get the -pp option to work with divx avis.
>> It always says "DivX setting result = 0", no matter >>what I try to set it to.
>it's normal. it's a debug printf showing me the return value of
>a function (0=OK -1=fail). check CPU usage wiht -pp 0 and -pp 4
>and you'll see the difference :)
You're right :) However, the picture still isn't as nice as in M$... :(

>It's the Question that drives us, Kovacs Bela :
>>1. I found an avi file which locks up mplayer, even with=20
>>'-vo null' (uploaded to 
>What's the error message? RTFM DOCS/BUGREPORTS . It plays fine >here.

I've RTFM, I didn't include the error message because there isn't any. It just stops in the middle of playing, and all I can do is press Ctrl+C. I uploaded the gdb output to
but I have to admit that I don't exactly know
what this gdb stuff is, so I just followed the instructions in DOCS/BUGREPORT. I hope it helps.


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