[Mplayer-users] Resolution problems question 2 ;o).

Étienne BAUDRILLARD etienne.baudrillard at online.fr
Wed Jun 20 00:51:29 CEST 2001

> Hi,
> > 1. When I launch mplayer under X11 (4.0.3) I cannot see the divx movie
> > wanted. I just have some bad lines in the high of my screen. Why ?
> Because you used the framebuffer driver, instead of x11 or xv
> (see -vo x11, -vo xv options, and RTFM DOCS/VIDEOCARDS README FAQ etc)
> > 2. When I launch mplayer on a single console (not under X11) I can see my
> > movie but only with a little resolution (in a little part of my 1600x1200
> > screen). I would like to see it in a full screen !!!
> you can't, because fbdev can't do scaling.
> if you want full screen, change video mode to match your movie size,
> or use the Xv driver (do you have the GATOS driver installed for X 4.0.x?)
> with -vo xv unser X. It supports hardware scaling.
> Or use SDL with software scaling (slow like hell and ugly, too)
> A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

Thanks a lot for these advices. I saw that I didn't have Xv and X11 because I 
didn't installed XFree86-devel. Now it's really fine !

I just have a last question (I didn't find it in DOCS): I use Xv with my ATI 
Rage Mobility 128 M4 (32Mo) on a PIII 800MHz. My screen resolution is 
1600x1200, and it's not as fluid as with low resolution.
I can see also that mplayer don't use very much RAM (less than 1% of my 
How can I optimize mplayer to have high resolution with a "top fluid" movie ?

Thanks again for ideas or suggestions.


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