[Mplayer-users] Picture distorsion when using MMX

Nick Kurshev nickols_k at mail.ru
Sat Jun 16 21:44:59 CEST 2001

Hi, Christoph Lampert!

On 2001-06-16 01:38:21 you wrote:

>this is very very strange. Dariusz send me his old AMD K6-2 266MHz
>(stepping 0, so without mtrr) CPU and it works rather fine. But I can't
>use it for vide playback, because all Windows-DLL produce video out with
>completely broken picture. Color stripes (often pink...) and even worse
>effects. Same happens with mplayer if MMX is enabled. --disable-mmx
>solves the problem for the native MPEG/OpenDivX, but also make things
>slower... Same for playback with Windows, btw.
>So I thought is was MMX's fault, but the only MMXTest utility I found
>(from www.calski.com) says, there is not problem, at least not with
>"dot product", "linear combination", "add" or "scale", which all that is
>Have you ever heard of a K6 where only MMX is broken? Dariusz, have you
>had this before? Are there any other tests around?
>Sorry, a little offtopic, but I need the CPU for using Mplayer, so...
Undoubdetly problem in CPU. If these effects are stable therefore you have simply broken
chip. Any testing program perform only limited set of tests. For example if your CPU wrongly
executed only one instruction and only with limited range of values of operands you will be
never able to determine such situation.
I'm sorry! But may be would be better to purchase a new mboard+cpu? Duron or Cel-2 for example.
Bandwidth of Socket-A/Socket-370 opposite to Socket-7/Super-7 does matter too.
But Socket-A has double bandwidth (1.6 GB/sec) opposite to Socket-370 (0.8 GB/sec).

Best regards! Nick (2001-06-16 19:31:53)

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