[Mplayer-users] Playing X11 on big endian

Christoph Lampert lampert at math.chalmers.se
Thu Jun 14 10:12:21 CEST 2001

Hi, let's change topic: 

I had the problem that using X11 via network gave either no picture (from
architecture) or wrong colours (if you disable the check).

The solution to this is extremely easy! Don't use it!!! 

Use -vo gl  oder -vo sdl  instead! They work perfectly via network from 
Linux to SUN Solaris with correct colors and not slower than X11. Well,
perhaps it's not really to output driver that limits speed, if you know
what it mean ;-) 


Boy, some time the solutions are soooo easy! 

P.S. Current configure is fine, the one thing I hate about autoconf is the
config.cache file. If you change anything, it's ignored. Let the programmers 
decide... Automake I don't know. On my machine, -m586 -mk6 and -m486 is no 
"scientific" difference, but maybe you P4 guys think different about it. Also 
Star Trek is better than Babylon 5, because it's easier to get on gnutella. I 
like Futurama, if it's in english (the german voices suck), but sometime the 
Simpsons are at least as good, if John Swartzwelder writes the episodes. That's 
a good link to: "Legalize it!". No 2nd SDI! CO2 is bad for you! And... err.... I 
don't have any more opinions. Oh yes: Epsilons _may_ be smaller than zero. But 
then it's -1. 

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