[Mplayer-users] What to do before version 1.0

Felix von Leitner leitner at convergence.de
Wed Jun 13 16:33:41 CEST 2001

Thus spake Alex Kanavin (ak at cave.hop.stu.neva.ru):
> On the subject of what else could be added to mplayer, I personally would
> love to see three things:

> - GNU Autoconf

The configuration now works fine (as opposed to the typical GNU autoconf
monster-bloat script that by the way redefines the meaning of "slow
and broken software").

> - determining the processor type and choosing the necessary optimised
> functions at run-time, not at compile-time (that would allow making
> universal binaries and therefore inclusion of mplayer into distributions)

Your patch will be greatly appreciated.
I am curious how you will manage to do this without performance penalty.

> - win32 dlls location should be in the config file, not in the binary.

I don't care about this.  Probably wouldn't hurt, though ;)
But what good is it if the config file location is compiled in? *bg*


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