[Mplayer-users] Compiling with Red Hat 7.1

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>> MMX code is _missing_ from binary if compiled with 2.96, so you will get
>> empty black window. It was a known, strange bug for a long time until
>> havner
>> found that it's gcc 2.96 problem.
>And now I use 2.95.2 and suggest the same for all RedHat users.
>BTW: Arpi, I've checked also 2.95.1 and even egcs (don't remember exactly
>what version) and they worked OK. At least for MMX routines, don't know
>what about SSE, 3Dnow, etc.

>> Avifile-author Eugene Kuznetsov contacted redhat guys and tell him these
>> problems (they also have similar probs with 2.96) and they don't want to
>> help. The redhat guy said that it compiles and works for him with 2.96
>> so he can't help. So what to do then?
>> Maybe they have working 2.96 version too, but they included a buggy
>> non-working version with redhat distro? We don't know, and they don't
>> want
>> to know.
>So he was lucky. I've send bugreport to RedHat guys and they even didn't
>reply. I've told them everything I know and suggested to check mplayer
>compiled on 2.96 (with -vo x11) as an example.

mplayer compiles fine on my computer using the gcc 2.96 that comes with
RedHat 7.1. I can use all available optimisations for my target platform and
sdl as well as x11 work really fine.


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