[Mplayer-users] How about Brightness and Contrast control

Mikael Svenson mikaels at powertech.no
Mon Jun 4 13:48:46 CEST 2001

What if you have a G400 and uses TV-out? Mostly everything I watch is a 
bit dark when using TV out. Tuning the contrast and brightness on the TV 
helps a bit, but it's not ideal. I know the Window$ drivers has settings 
for tuning RGB, brightness and contrast on the TV-out.

So, I would think that having a increase brightness/alpha on the output 
when displaying it would be a somewhat great idea. I was looking in the 
mplayer.c source and on line 1189 there is a line which seems to set 
brightness for divx movies, but it's commented out. Could this be something?


 > Hi,
 >> My PC has a TNT2 Ultra card.
 >> The screen is too black when playback Movie.
 >> (although I already turn the monitor's Brightness and Contrast
 >> control to maximum)
 >> Isn't it good if the software has a function to control the
 >> Brightness and Contrast?
 >There are soem buttons on your monitor for this porpose, with hardware
 >acceleration :)))))
 >If you are using Xv output, then try xvinfo and other xv tools.
 >A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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