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Nick Kurshev nickols_k at mail.ru
Wed Jul 25 00:37:17 CEST 2001

Hi, Christoph H. Lampert!

On 2001-07-24 19:45:50 you wrote:

>Hi Arpi,
>> what's the defference between radeon and radeon VE ?
>ATi Radeon VE is the low-cost chipset with only 1 pixel pipeline instead of 3 
>(or some other fancy 3D-word). So its 3D performance is worse than of normal 
>Radeon chipset. However, the Radeon VE graphics card (the only card using 
>this chipset) has dual-screen support, DVI out and TV out. For 70$ that 
>should make it the perfect card for non-gamers. 
Main difference between Radeon and VE from my point is video bandwidth - 
a full radeon has 128-bit DDR access but VE has only 64-bit DDR access
(Refer for detail to www.anadtech.com). Today ATI is only company which
produses such cards (in <200$ price range). But I hope that 183MHz of video
memory will be enough for movie (At least ATI 3D charger with 4mb played
me movies in real time (btw not under winnt)).

>Unfortunately there seem to be small differences in drivers, because normal 
>Radeon drivers don't work with Radeon VE.  :-(  At least not for Linux. :-(((
>Normal Radeon cards are quite expensive and I think no other card has this 
>combination of dual, TV and DVI, except for the real expensive like 
>All-In-Wonder or so... But support is announced for quite a while now. We 
>(except for Nick) just have to wait a little longer.
I don't know what reason for me from DVI but I've purchase this card for
S-Video out.

>P.S. What's too slow about G400 ?  3D? 
Matrox G400 is bit faster of its successor G450 ;)
It is reason - why I did not purchase it. I don't know about G550
but Matrox places its card as far from gamer - as possible.
At least radeon VE is much faster of G550 from game point

Best regards! Nick (2001-07-24 22:30:09)

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