[mplayer] magenta

Dariusz Pietrzak dariush at ajax.umcs.lublin.pl
Wed Feb 28 11:27:03 CET 2001

Hmm, have anyone seen effect like that? : 
 When I play a movie via mga/xmga driver, and switch to some other
window(desktop) then if there's magenta color on that desktop I can see
the movie through that color. I noticed that because ls --color have
magenta color for .avi .zip etc files in my setup.
So, when I fire up rxvt -bg magenta
then I have this cute little terminal with movie running in a background.
Looks terribly cute especialy on large screen with few rxvt's show various
parts of the movie.

This effect is quite impressing, anyone can try this and share some
thoughts? Also - why is this happening? Could we use it on purpose to
provide extra-fast transparent terminals? (btw - gabucino, try wterm
instead of Eterm, unless you've got plenty of ram).

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