[mplayer] Odp: Re: Scaling

havner alien at staszic.waw.pl
Fri Feb 23 22:45:00 CET 2001

> Cool. Then you are very lucky! :)
> (but I still hate S3... :))
i hate it too, but it works. :-)

> Hmm. It was known bug, and I fixed it, at least it works for me with
it's not fixed for me. like i said, pointer locks after fullscreen SDL quit

> versions. When I quit or EOF reached, mplayer closes SDL, and X works
> again. Except, that screen resolution isn't changed back to X's original
> resolution, you must press ctrl plus/minus to change it back.
I don't have problem with that, because SDL doesn't change resolution on my
computer, propably because I have no onther resolution set in SCREEN section
in XFree86 config file than 1024x768.

> but it's a big performance loss!! I find it about 30-50% slower than
> own direct X11/Xv/etc routines. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong and I'm
> using SDL in a wrong way, but I can't imagine WHY is it so slow.
> I've seen applications using SDL to be very fast, even faster than X11
On my computer SDL (using hw XVideo) is as fast as normal xv output and I
even prefer it because of better fullscreen option, i can set/exit
fullscreen "in fly" by pressing ESC and it's real fullscreen, no mouse
pointer, covers whole screen etc...

> driver (avifile,xmps). Maybe someone with SDL knownledge should write a
> new driver for mplayer from the scratch. It's very easy to use the libvo
> interface, you must only implement init,draw_planar,draw_packed,flip,close
> functions and it works... I will NOT do that!!!


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