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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Fri Feb 23 06:03:52 CET 2001


> > ViRGE GX2 stability, XVideo support for ViRGE DX (tested) and ViRGE
> >                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

> like I said. It was 4.0.1 problem. This version didn't support XVideo for
> s3virge, 4.0.2 does. I've downloaded it, and it's great.
> Arpi, if you read it: I don't have problem with slow computer anymore. I can
> use XVideo with s3virge and don't need to change card to ATI as you
> recommended.
Cool. Then you are very lucky! :)
(but I still hate S3... :))

> You put "?" under DONE in line saing that quit/eof in fullscreen SDL needs
> correction in TODO file. It's really not done yet. The mouse pointer locks
> after quitting mplayer when in fullscreen SDL mode. Is it mplayer or SDL
> bug? Do you know how to fix it?
Hmm. It was known bug, and I fixed it, at least it works for me with latest
versions. When I quit or EOF reached, mplayer closes SDL, and X works
again. Except, that screen resolution isn't changed back to X's original
resolution, you must press ctrl plus/minus to change it back.

I know NOTHING about SDL, I've just ported the SDL libvo driver from
mpeg2dec, and it "worked" (at least i got pixture) for me with very
little modification (in the libvo interface).
I have no time to read all the SDL docs, and I don't really like it.
SDL is basicly a very good idea - make multimedia programming very easy,
but it's a big performance loss!! I find it about 30-50% slower than
own direct X11/Xv/etc routines. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong and I'm
using SDL in a wrong way, but I can't imagine WHY is it so slow.
I've seen applications using SDL to be very fast, even faster than X11
driver (avifile,xmps). Maybe someone with SDL knownledge should write a
new driver for mplayer from the scratch. It's very easy to use the libvo
interface, you must only implement init,draw_planar,draw_packed,flip,close
functions and it works... I will NOT do that!!!

I want to limit my work to the demuxers (mpg/avi/asf/mov fileformat parsing
code, a-v sync, seeking, buffering) and the G400-related drivers (syncfb,TVout).
Other parts, as codecs (native codecs like mp3lib,opendivx and win32 ones
like VfW, ACM and DirectShow) , audio & video output, input streaming
(file,vcd,http...), configfile/commandline things, GUI etc are free for
new developers.

There are some people already working on these:
I want to use libxmm for a/v output, it's developed by Arthur Kleer
(see http://frozenproductions.com). There is a GUI project made by Pontscho.
I'll include the just released libmpeg2-0.2.0, but there are some work
on mp3lib (it should be rewritten from scratch) and someone should write
DirectShow (filtered DivX, VoxWare audio, etc.) support too.

And we need a nice, well-designed homepage too. Any graphicians would help?

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

mailto:arpi at thot.banki.hu

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