[mplayer] Re: MPEG-2 sound problem

Paul Holcomb mpeg2 at blue.cpoint.net
Thu Feb 22 18:05:28 CET 2001

On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 05:11:41PM -0600, Arpi wrote:
> Hi,
> > > >  No, both of these flags still produce the same behavoir, and I tried
> > > >  changing that config.h define as well.
> > > Did you recompile mplayer after changing mplayer? (I mean
> > > make distclean;make dep;make)
> > 
> >  I did indeed.
> Have you tried the #undef HAVE_AUDIO_SELECT ?

yes, but it may not be in the most recent build.

> Watching your test configs and results, it seems to be a soundcard/driver
> problem to me. Can you try it with some 'standard' card, for example
> sb 16, sb live, or something like ESS, Vortex etc...?

 I can do that; I think I have a couple of sb16's around somewhere.

> >  with -vo mga:
> > 
> >   screen is white while sound starts (same way DivX ;-) avi looks for
> >   me), and then when the sound gets to the end, the video plays
> >   correctly, but sped up, as noted above.
> Hmm, very interesting...
> It still seems to be a select() problem for me. Your card's select()
> always returns 'buffer empty', so mplayer fills the audio buffer with
> the whole audio stream, and then begins to play video but it's
> fast because it's already out of sync and tries to re-sync.

 That makes sense.  The last test I did seemed to support that.  When
 I first tried the DivX ;-) I was happy that the sound worked all the
 way through, and just figured it was something with the video driver,
 so I don't think I ever tried playing the matrix.avi file with
 -nosound.  I just did, and it does play's the picture just fine with
 no audio.

 After that change in the define in demuxer.c, it defintely seems to now
 be a soundcard problem.

 There is also a module line setting for FIFO size on this soundcard
 driver.  I'll see if increasing that does anything.

> What are the results for same environment with #undef HAVE_AUDIO_SELECT
> in config.h and recompiling (make distclean;make dep;make;make install) ?
> Can you include the output of  mplayer -v  playing that file?

 I'll send that in a seperate email in a bit.

> > In addition I have used a number of different MPEG2-PS files to test,
> > and I can provide the file that I have used the past couple of days if
> > necessary.
> If it's file-specific, i need that file. But it's seems to be general
> problem with your config.

 No, it seems to be all MPEG2-PS files that I try.   Have you been
 able to play an MPEG2-PS (vob) file with the defaults in demuxer.c?

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