[mplayer] Re: MPEG-2 sound problem

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Fri Feb 23 00:11:41 CET 2001


> > >  No, both of these flags still produce the same behavoir, and I tried
> > >  changing that config.h define as well.
> > Did you recompile mplayer after changing mplayer? (I mean
> > make distclean;make dep;make)
>  I did indeed.
Have you tried the #undef HAVE_AUDIO_SELECT ?

Watching your test configs and results, it seems to be a soundcard/driver
problem to me. Can you try it with some 'standard' card, for example
sb 16, sb live, or something like ESS, Vortex etc...?

>  with -vo mga:
>   screen is white while sound starts (same way DivX ;-) avi looks for
>   me), and then when the sound gets to the end, the video plays
>   correctly, but sped up, as noted above.
Hmm, very interesting...
It still seems to be a select() problem for me. Your card's select()
always returns 'buffer empty', so mplayer fills the audio buffer with
the whole audio stream, and then begins to play video but it's
fast because it's already out of sync and tries to re-sync.

What are the results for same environment with #undef HAVE_AUDIO_SELECT
in config.h and recompiling (make distclean;make dep;make;make install) ?

Can you include the output of  mplayer -v  playing that file?

> In addition I have used a number of different MPEG2-PS files to test,
> and I can provide the file that I have used the past couple of days if
> necessary.
If it's file-specific, i need that file. But it's seems to be general
problem with your config.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

mailto:arpi at thot.banki.hu

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