[mplayer] Re: Scaling

Dariusz Pietrzak dariush at ajax.umcs.lublin.pl
Tue Feb 20 18:14:30 CET 2001

> getting the videos to scale. I've tried using the -x -y switches with a
> variety of different resolutions specified and they don't seem to have
> any affect upon the video. I also can only seem to view videos using the
> -vo x11 switch. OpenGL is the only other mode that works, but is
IIRC x11 is unscalable output. I use the best one -vo mga,
but if you ain't got matrox (g200,g400,g450) it wont do much help.
There is such direct driver for 3dfx also.
But you need to create device (/dev/mga_vid) in order to ./configure
detect that your hardware can do such things.

Best bet is xv output - many cards support this (even quite old S3's)
xvinfo command will tell you what your hardware can do.
XV supports both hardware scaling and yuv-y color conversion so you'll be
very happy with that. Newer SDL (>1.1.7 i think ) also supports hardware
scaling using xv.

> incredibly slow and I'm not sure how to setup DRI to improve
Now that's the question that drives us;)
I would like to hear something on that - my  glxinfo keeps telling me that 
my GL i software-only, and that's probably because of drivers for mga, but
maybe just because i'm lame?

Uh, and why didn't you tell us what is Your hardware and software??
(uname -a,X version etc)
xx xxx...
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